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Recent Choreography Highlights

Boléro (2023)

Traverse City Dance Project

Length: 18 minutes

Caught In the Chamber
March 2018
a dance for camera
Los Angeles, CA
Length: 8 minutes

Presented by USC Visions & Voices (2018) & Cal Performances (2021) 

Created on Alyssa Allen, Trevor Daw, Beau Foley, Mary Mallaney, Brianna Mims, Jessica Muszynski, Eleanor Pincus, Evan Sagadencky, Kaylin Sturtevant, Jake Tribus, Adam Vesperman, Madison Vomastek, Megan Yamashita

Music by Andrew Norman, created for and performed by yMusic

Directed by Nathan Johnson

Music by Maurice Ravel, augmented by Ryan Lott

Inspired by Ravel’s iconic Boléro, I set out to play with restrained structure against expressive individuality. I worked with Ryan Lott to reimagine the score for a 2023 audience, accentuating the pulse and drive and playing with surreal and ambient textures, anchored against the extreme familiarity of this music.

Original Instructions
Premiered November 2022
Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center
Los Angeles, CA
Length: 16 minutes

Music in Circles
Premiered July 2019/restaged in June 2022
Traverse City Dance Project 2019 &
2022 Tours

Traverse City, MI
Maple City, MI
Frankfurt, MI 

Leland, MI
Kalkaska, MI

Brooklyn, NY
Lamberville, NJ

Cabaret: The Musical
June-July 2022
Parallel 45 Civic Center Ampitheatre

Traverse City, MI 
Length: 110 minutes

Happy Magic Moves Hour
A work-in-process

March 2022
Phoenix Theatre Basile Stage
Indianapolis, IN
Length: 15 minutes

La Mer
November 2019
Interlochen Center for the Arts
Corson Auditorium

Length: 22 minutes

Created on the USC Kaufman BFA Class of 2026

Music by Ryan Lott

Text by Wendell Berry, as performed by the BFA Class of 2026

Created on Jakevis Thomason & Rachel Walton

Music by Andrew Norman

Lighting by Brent Wroebel

Commissioned by Parallel 45 Theatre Festival

Original choreography, created on the cast

Directed by Kit McKay

Music Direction by Rick Church

Assisted by Asia Pyron

Other choreography for P45:

The Sound of Music (2021)

HAIR: An American Tribal Love Rock Musical (2019)

Created on Rachel Harris, Win McCain, Justin David Sears-Watson

Collaboration with artists Rebekah Nolan & Liz Weirzbicki 

Music by Rafiq Bhatia, Omara Portuondo, Ryan Lott,  Sperm Whales 

Dancers: Beau Foley, Jennifer Lott, Justin Koertgen, Zach Manske, Simrin Player, Alexandra Policaro, Mariano Zamora-Gonzales

Music: Claude Debussy

Traverse City Dance Project in concert with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, Kevin Rhodes, conductor

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